The dining room

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the welcoming air-conditioned seafront room located on the mezzanine floor.

In the Bar room and in the adjacent veranda you can relax by drinking a good coffee or enjoying a fresh and delicious drink.

All the photographs on our site are of dishes PREPARED by Chef Sonia with Gianluca.

The real "Romagna cuisine"!

In the Kiss hotel, Sonia, one of the owners, takes care of the kitchen.
The dishes prepared are those of the Romagna tradition such as tagliatelle or baked lasagna, roasted or fried fish. The breakfast buffet is full of sweets and fruit.

  • Cuisine prepared by the owner Sonia
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Roasted fish

Fish is an inevitable ingredient in our cuisine;
fish such as "saraghina", "canocchie", sole, cod, seafood, strictly fresh!
The preparation is traditional: grilled or baked, accompanied by simple oil, lemon and parsley.
Another specialty that the Kiss hotel can never miss is the famous fish soup with cod, seafood, canocchie, tomatoes and Tuscan bread.


Finally, seafood: mussels, clams, prawns and torches are used by Chef Sonia to prepare delicious sauces, appetizers and side dishes.

  • Fresh fish
  • Fish from our Adriatic Sea

The breakfast

Like all our dishes, desserts too are
ALL STRICTLY HOME MADE,savory sandwiches, local cured meats and fresh seasonal fruit.

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